the story

Why did I create Tamsy MAC? 

Here is a quick story on how Tamsy MAC came about.

I'm JoJo, a Mom of 3 BEAUTIFUL kiddos and a wife to such an AMAZING man.  I worked in the fashion industry for 15 years and then decided to stay home with my babies, and man has it been the best thing for our family. GOD IS SO GOOD! Since staying home and doing all the wonderful things that come along with it, there was still a piece missing. That piece was HELPING WOMEN FEEL CONFIDENT, beautiful, and sassy in their own skin.  I know it seems silly, but when you have clothes and accessories that make you feel put together, your confidence skyrockets!

I miss those moments when my customers would say,

"I feel so good in this, and I never would have picked this out for myself"
"Man, I came home, and my hubs was all over me, he loved what you choose for me."

I mean come on, this is a form of therapy for relationships, and self-care.  Just sayin'!

So yep, that's it. I help all the ladies, every size, and every taste.  

Thanks for reading - JoJo